Iwan Simonis sponsort die USBA

Iwan Simonis und die United States Billiard Association (USBA) haben einen neuen Sponsorvertrag ausgehandelt.
Der über drei Jahre laufende Exklusivvertrag garantiert das bei allen USBA Events, sowohl bei der USBA Tour, als auch bei den USBA National Championships, das international anerkannte “Simonis 300 Rapide carom” Tuch eingesetzt wird.

Kommentare zur Vertragsaushandlung

Ivan Lee, President von Iwan Simonis, Inc.:
Given our longstanding relationship with the USBA, it just makes sense for us [Simonis and the USBA] to have this kind of arrangement.
In these uncertain times, the USBA needs to focus on growing their tour and not worrying about sponsors.

Bob Jewett, President der USBA:
Simonis has been the main sponsor for the USBA National Championships for many years and has helped out with the National Qualifiers for at least a decade. Their generous increase in support came at an important time for the organization as we try to increase membership during a difficult economic situation. We hope to make the relationship as beneficial to Simonis as it is to the USBA.

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