1. 1 The Game
  2. 2 Racking
  3. 3 Rules
  4. 4 Fouls
  5. 5 Examples

1 The Game

Every player hat 10 strokes(!) including the break at the beginning. At the end of the 10 strokes the sum of the pocketed balls is the result for this player and the next player is on. The point-distance has to be fixed by the players previous to the game.

2 Racking

15 balls are racked at the foot spot without explicit order.

3 Rules

  • Breaking from behind the head string
  • Everyone hat 10 strokes continuously
  • After the 10 strokes all 15 balls are reracked
  • The numbers of the balls are the points
  • Every other foul then those mentioned in point 4 means the end of the break for this player
  • It is allowed to pocket more than one ball per stroke

4 Fouls

  • Balls pocketed with foul are respottet nearest to the foot spot. Those balls do not count to the players points. No negative points are counted.
  • If the cueball is pocketed or jumps off the table, the break continuous without negative points from behind the head string.

5 Examples

  • If a player makes it to pocket all balls with the highest value, 6 to 15, he can reach 105 points.
  • If pocketed only the 3, 8 and 10 he has 21 points.

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