1. 1 Players
  2. 2 Balls Used
  3. 3 The Rack
  4. 4 Object of the Game
  5. 5 Scoring
  6. 6 Rules of Play
  7. 7 Illegally Pocketed Balls
  8. 8 Jumped Object Balls
  9. 9 Cue Ball After Jump, Scratch or Foul
  10. 10 Penalty for Fouls
  11. 11 History

6 Ball is a variation on 9 ball. As its name suggests, it is played with six balls. Follow the General Rules of Pocket Billiards, except where contradicted by the rules of 9 Ball. If a 9 Ball rule is contradicted by these 6 Ball rules, follow the 6 Ball rules.

1 Players

6 Ball is played with either two players, or in teams of two players each.

2 Balls Used

6 Ball is played with the cue ball, and with object balls one through six.

3 The Rack

A diamond rack is used in 6 Ball. The one-ball is placed on the apex of the triangle and the six-ball is placed in the center of the last row.

4 Object of the Game

As it’s name suggests, the object of 6 Ball is to legally pocket the object ball number six.

5 Scoring

The shooting player continues at the billiard table any time their first contact is with the lowest numbered ball on the table and a ball other than the cue-ball falls in a pocket as a result of their stroke. In 6 Ball, neither the ball, nor the pocket have to be called.

6 Rules of Play

The cue-ball’s first contact, on a legal shot, must be with the lowest numbered ball on the billiard table. Failure to do this results in a foul being assessed. Safety play is not allowed in 6 Ball. Playing a safety is also considered a foul. Three consecutive fouls by a player is a loss of game for that player.

7 Illegally Pocketed Balls

No penalty is imposed when a ball is pocketed illegally beyond fouls associated with the stroke.

8 Jumped Object Balls

In 6 Ball, all jumped balls are spotted, and no foul is imposed.

9 Cue Ball After Jump, Scratch or Foul

The incoming player has cue ball in hand behind the head string.

10 Penalty for Fouls

The incoming player has cue ball in hand behind the head string.

11 History

If anyone has any documented or prove-able history or origin information about this game, please contact us using the form below…and provide all supporting information. We’ll be sure to give you full credit for the information you provide.

The 6 ball rules are predominently observed in North America.

Source: billardforum.info

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