1. The Game

This version can be played with any number of red balls.

The Game

All the usual Snooker rules apply with the following exceptions:

  1. 1. There will be no more than five consecutive Foul and a Miss calls at any one time.
  2. 2. After four consecutive Foul and a Miss calls, the referee will warn the offending player that should a Foul and a Miss be called again the following options are available to the non-striker:
    1. (i) play himself from where the balls have come to rest;
    2. (ii) ask his opponent to play from where the balls have to come to rest;
    3. (iii) place the cue ball anywhere on the table, but this option cannot be taken if play has reached the “snookers required” stage.
  3. 3. A player cannot snooker behind a nominated colour at any time.

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