1. 1 Setup
  2. 2 Break
  3. 3 The Game
  4. 4 Fouls
  5. 5 Maximum Break
  6. 6 Quotes

1 Setup

All balls of the snooker ball set are set up as shown on the image

Tenball on Snooker Table

2 Break

The player breaking alternates every frame. The cueball is allowed to be played from every point behind the head line. The Player has to hit the first red ball of the rack and a minimum of four balls has to touch the cusions. If the cueball or a colored ball is potted on the break shot it’s a foul, the other player continues playing and all potted balls are respottet.

3 The Game

If two red balls are pottet on any shot, the player must pot also two colored balls. (eg. on the break shot three red balls are pottet, the player has to pot also three colors)

If a colored ball is potted, all other colors get the worth of this ball for the rest of the break.

The worth of points of the colors are as follows:

  • Grün: 2
  • Braun: 3
  • Blau: 4
  • Pink: 5
  • Schwarz: 6
  • Gelb: 10

If the last red ball was potted, the colors are pottet in ascending order

4 Fouls

A foul is if

  • a player can’t pot a ball and no ball hits a cusion
  • the break shot hits not the first red in the rack
  • a color has to be played but the cueball hits a red ball first
  • a red ball has to be played but the cueball hits a color first
  • a other color but the nominated is hit first
  • no ball is hit
  • balls are still moving when the player makes his shot
  • no food of the player touches the ground
  • a ball jumps of the table

After a foul the next player can decide if

  • he adds 10 points to his count
  • he continues ball in hand, afterwards he can again decide if
  • he continues from the new position or
  • the player who commited the fould should continue

This rules is not applied for the break shot, in this case the next player can continue ball in hand or let the first player break again.

All balls potted during a foul are respotted at the center spot. If the spot is occupied the next higher spot is used. Are all spots occupied the ball is placed as close as possible to his original spot in one line to the foot cusion.

If the cueball is potted or jumps off the table, the ball is spotted on the spot of the brown ball, if the spot is occupied on the head line between the blue and the green ball.

Jump-Shots are allowed.

5 Maximum Break

The maximum possible is 200 points
15 x red
15 × 10 (first potted color was yellow, all other colors get the value of 10 for the rest of the break)
and all other colors


“Tenball is the ultimate cue game” (Steve Davis)
“A great game for potters” (Jimmy White)
“It’s an attacking game, it’s fast and there’s no safety” (Stephen Hendry)
“I looked forward to every match” (Ronnie O’Sullivan)
“It’s a great mix between snooker and pool” (Tony Drago)

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