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This game is only known in Austria. A small bowl is placed in the middle of the table. If the bowl is touched during the game, a previously fixed amount of money has to be put in the bowl. If some of the coins in the bowl are spilled, the amount of them has to […]

Four Ball Carom

1 Central European version 2 Asian version 1 Central European version A variation of four-ball is popular in Central Europe, especially in the Czech Republic. It is called desítkový karambol (Czech for “tenfold carom”) and is played with two white balls, a blue ball, and a red ball which serves as the cue ball. Players […]

Cone Billards

1 Equipment and setup 2 Rules 3 Object 4 Play 5 Scoring 1 Equipment and setup The game is played on a pocketless normal 5 ft by 10 ft (1.52 by 3.05 m) carom billiards table, with standardized playing surface dimensions of 1.42 by 2.84 m (approximately 4-2/3 by 9-1/3 ft), plus/minus 5 mm (approx. […]

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Dutch Carom

The players have to fix the targeted points for each player before the game starts. Usually each player has to reach 20 times his three cushion average. Which player begins is determined by a cushion draw. (General Carom Rules 2.2) Each player has to reach the same points in the following categories: Three cushion One […]

Straight Rail

1 Definition of the game 1 Definition of the game As far as the partie libre is concerned the player is allowed to execute succesively in the course of the same serie an unlimited number of cannons within the limit of the distance on the whole surface of the billiard except in the barred zones […]

Common Rules

General Regulations 1 Application of the rules Equipment 11 Billiard, cushion, cloth 12 Balls, chalk 13 Marking of the spots and starting line 14 Billiard cue, rake 15 Lighting Common rules of all kinds of games of Carom Billiard 21 Beginning of the match 22 Cushion draw 23 Starting position, cue-ball 24 Cannon 25 Break […]


1 Definition of the game 2 Cadres and anchors 3 Cadres of 47 cm and 71 cm with 2 strokes 4 Cadre of 47 cm with 1 stroke 1 Definition of the game The cadre disciplines give the opportunity to several kinds of matches depending on the fact whether they are played with one or […]

Cushion Carom

1 Definition 2 One cushion 3 Three cushions 1 Definition There are two kinds of cushion games, one cushion and three cushions. As far as these games are concerned the billiard is freed from any lines. 2 One cushion As far as one cushion is concerned the cue-ball must have come into contact with at […]

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Artistic Carom

1 The Game 1 The Game Artistic billiards is a very unique and technical carom billiards game which requires immense skill to master. Artistic billiards is also less commonly referred to as fantasy billiards or fantaisie classique. The governing body of Artistic billiards is the Confederation International de Billard Artistique, which is also known as […]

English Billards

1. Equipment 1. The Standard Table 2. Balls 3. Cue 4. Ancillary 2. Definitions 1. Game 2. Match 3. Balls 4. Stringing 5. Striker 6. Stroke 7. Pot 8. In-off 9. Hazard 10. Cannon 11. Break 12. In-hand 13. Ball in Play 14. Ball in Baulk 15. Forced off the table 16. Miss 17. Running […]